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[#RTYWD] Polyphia – Genesis (feat. Brasstracks)

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Mapper: symphonic

A banger opening track from progressive rock powerhouse Polyphia’s newest album, Remember That You Will Die! This song was fun to map. I enjoyed putting a good bunch of groovy tech in my Expert+ difficulty. Major thanks to @TG90 and @bethbot who came in clutch for me and collaborated together on the Expert difficulty! I also collaborated on another map in this album pack – you can find another Expert+ techy delight from me (and a couple others!) for Polyphia’s “ABC” here:

You can also play the whole pack here!

The lights in this were also pretty fun, and I used the Rocket League environment for the first time. I tried to be less intense with being so prescriptive about lighting every single percussive element, mostly because of time and the complexity of laying out all those rhythms, but I think it also resulted in a more laid-back lightshow in comparison to some of my other ones. Still lots of stuff going on though, rest assured.

Finally, a big thanks to @swukpuff and @bethbot (another time) for playtesting this map, especially in such a short timeframe. A lot of this came together in the last couple days, but I’m honestly really happy with how it turned out. I hope you all enjoy playing it as well!

Expert+ gameplay preview by yours truly:

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