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The Greatest Show

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The song is from the musical "The Greatest Showman".

It's been modified from its original 5 minute down to 3 minutes for a faster pace. If you've been playing on expert, you should find it not much harder than the vanilla songs and it should be fairly quick to sightread it.

This single song encapsulates most of the major arcs in the movie, from Barnum’s dream as a child to Carlyle’s relationship with Wheeler to Barnum losing sight of his initial devotion to his family.

A lyrical combination of “A Million Dreams” and “Rewrite The Stars” — The Greatest Show can be interpreted as the product of the hard work of every member within the circus.

Mapper: Mao

From the Movie: The Greatest Showman

Watch a preview of the map here:

Difficulties: Normal, Hard, Expert

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Comments (2)
  1. a1lazydog says:

    Thanks for the kind review! This was the first level I ever made! I loved this song so much that I learned to use the editor to put together a level just so I could play it on beatsaber!

    1. elliotttate says:

      That’s awesome! Keep up the good work!! Can’t wait to see what you do next 🙂

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