[A]ddiction – EVO+

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If you want a map with unconventional patterns, this one is for you. It does require quite a bit of experience under your belt if you want to attempt it. Personally, it's a fun tune and a fun map to play/dance to. Patterns really force you to move your arms side to side, occasionally I fell like it's imitating dance moves.

Some of the patterns may look like they're going to force you to make your controllers kiss (and if you've followed my past curation, you'll know that this gets on my nerves and I tend to look out for this a bit more), but after playing through the song I find that it flows pretty well and I have yet to smash my controllers into smithereens.

If you do want to give it a try, let me know about your experience with this map with your own reviews below! If you need a little bit of convincing, here is a video preview:


Mapper: ejiejidayo

24 : enjoy 🙂

EX – support darth maul

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