Memoir 2#

Difficulties Expert+
5 2

Mapper: HeiligeGijs

An alternative ending of Yaman’s story…
Let me explain, In here, Yaman was already grown and is serving in the military for his father’s glory times, as he was inspired to become in his place, as it turns to be out that Yaman’s.. most feared and hatredful enemy, The Tribe.. they rise back from the long gone time.. it was known they managed to rescue themselve and fleed to an unknown islands, which they proceed to take covers and advancing their bases colonies.. after years and years of being unspoken, they came back to receive their revenge after what the old president did to their deals, and little did they know, the tribe was planning an open massacre, which had some of their people in a hiding forest, a forest where it is likely to be visited by no one, Yaman, who is trembling in such terror and grudge, spoke to himself, would he make it to avenge his father and his people? Or will it repeat the same fate as how it goes to his son? He disbelieved and felt down, but as he realise the times are closer and his choosen fate is nowhere to go, he believed himself, as in despair, he is couraging himself to fight for what he is facing, after all years, despite it is being the president’s fault, he put blames onto The Tribes… The time is here.
He and his base are arriving into battle field, long to short story, their team won the fight agaisnt Bastards’ Landers, as expected, The Tribe took their advantage to charge while they are celebrating, in a sudden, Yaman had a choice for himself, it is either to die here, or flee off the war, it is nearly impossible for him to leave, but he knew the chances are never zero, and so to not risk his son’s childhood.. he remained full off and charge ahead of his opponent, after fighting and piercing off, he headed into the woods, as he yells for his wife and son, he stumbles on a rock, causing him to injures his head, as he did not realise that it took him to be exposed, while his team are dying.. later for sooner, he woke up being in a poll stance, which he stare in pure anguish and horror, looking at his wife snd kid being burned alive, as their dinner, Yaman yelled and shout it in anger and grieve, while they kept hitting them.. one of the member shows a picture of Yaman, when he was a youngling.. It appears for His father holding him in with a white blanket.. they symbolize their action to avenge their broken friendship, and so, Yaman’s fate is sealed, no more for him, his journey ended.

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