Feed Me – Stay Focused [Noodle/Chroma Plus]

Difficulties Expert Expert+
133 8
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Mapper: Undeceiver

Funny Noodle gameplay shenanigans included, but if you are a boring person and can’t stand it don’t worry there is a gimmick free version for you.

Environment and Chroma effects / light show by @Zyxi, that add to the confusing / difficult to focus vibe of the map 🙂

I recommend you disable JDFixer if you have it on and play with the map’s Jump Distance as that is part of the gimmick.


Particular thanks to @GalaxyMaster for helping me out with the swing timing.

Also thanks a lot to quite a few testplayers: @GojiCrafter, @swukpuff, @symphonic, @ramenator05, @a-jhintleman

Feel free to reach out to me on Discord: Undeceiver#3265

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