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Juice Leskinen – Sika

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Hyvää Joulua!


Our Christmas celebration starts already in May
The pigs have delicacies in their mouths, it gets fatter
it grows, it gets stronger
And then when November arrives
the kids sing: the Christmas star is a must
Pig, it gets a bullet to the skull
Pig, uncle slaughters it
Pig, and uncle drinks blood
Pig, it brings the Christmas spirit
I looked at the hog laying in the barn
With a painful expression, stomach turning
I won’t remember the pig on Christmas
I just stare at the ham with a craving
And the kids sing: The Christmas star is a must
Pig, when it’s salted
Pig, we drool together
Pig, and dad willingly
Pig, has a watering mouth
In the Christmas rush people charge blindly
Plow the Advent slush on the street
Someone looks at a person, turns his head
When a person wallows in his dump
And the kids sing: the Christmas star is a must
Pig, it’s fried soon
Pig, we taste its rear
Pig, is in the electric oven
Pig, mom’s working
Look, mom has prepared a grand meal
The pig has a mustard veil on
Big brother sharpens his knife
And separates the pig from its bones
The kids sing: the Christmas star is a must
Pig, finally killed it
Pig, the surroundings are covered in gastric acid
Pig, oh how dad eats
Pig, dad runs out of belt
Christmas is full of ham, side, shank,
fat, neck and of course vodka
When the Eve ends and the night begins
A person is what he eats
Pig, lalllaallaaa-aa
Pig, trallallaa-aa
Pig, trallallaa-aa
Pig, trallaallaaalla-aa

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