Gram vs Camellia – Ragnarok

Difficulties Expert Expert+
38 5
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Mapper: Joshabi

If you don’t enjoy circular patterns and heavy repositioning you will 100% definitely not enjoy this map.
With that out of the way, GL I guess
Been tempted for a while to map this song purely to do some dumb shit in the final drop lmao

Expert++ is like, 10 stars+
Expert+ is more like an 8-9 star-ish map?

Thank you for feedback from Rac!
Thank you for BPM help from @gbitz!

Republish 1 -> NJS 21 to 21.5, removed inlines that had pauses, slight angle tweaks

Send feedback in DM’s or something I dunno
If you mald, mald to me in my DM’s directly because its funnier that way

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