KayceeKC 1.5. Speed Electronic Video Game

TheSuperMarioBros2 – Penger

Difficulties Expert+
2 1

Mapper: KayceeKC

One of my absolute favorite Clone Hero custom songs that just felt wrong to not have on Beat Saber.
I’m really proud of how it turned out & I would say it’s the best map that I’ve created thus far!

Very challenging, good luck!

Happy Holidays! (Winter 2022)

12/18/2022 Update: Nerfed the part at around 1:40 to 320bpm sliders instead of 640bpm bursts lmao
1/6/2023 Update: Changed the patterns at around 1:50, the really wide stream transitions were really weird I did not like it

Kaycee’s Grade System Ranking: Grade 19

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