Camellia – Tera I/O

Difficulties Expert Expert+
27 2
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Mapper: Darkrealm7

Drop into low! There’s nowhere to go!
Your connection’s too slow! It got overflowed!
Still you didn’t know! Soon gonna start the show!
We’ll feed you a death blow! It’s Tera I/O!

By far the best map I have ever made as of uploading this
This one took a long time to get released because I wanted to polish it as much as I possibly could. Originally started this one back in mid October and I can’t be more happy with how it has turned out. Quite nearly didn’t make a lower diff for it lmao

Thank you to my playtesters xenomorph, 3-3-0-6, Beastmode84827, and Anne for playing the map pre-release and giving initial feedback + more feedback as adjustments were made

Huge thank you to both @Frost and @D7oomyAli for giving the map public mods. Made the map much better than its initial draft version was

Expect some reuploads as I want to push this for rank on ScoreSaber

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