[Xmas Goes Punk] All Time Low – Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
76 2
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Mapper: symphonic

Part of the Xmas Goes Punk Pack! Download the full pack here: https://beatsaver.com/playlists/10802

The mapping for this map was actually done by my fellow curator @Syndicate, so check out his other stuff!

I was able to step in last minute to help out with the lights for this song, so I pulled the lights together this afternoon. I’m honestly quite happy with how they came out – which I guess proves I am, in fact, able to light things quickly if I’m not procrastinating on it.

Map colors are appropriately red and green for the holiday season. It’s a fun, moderately techy map in the Expert+ difficulty, while the lower two difficulties are more balanced in comparison.

Thank you to @tetsubeats for allowing me to help out with this pack! I’ve also lit a map by @JRE_McNuggies for this pack, so please check that one out as well!

Expert+ gameplay video by yours truly:

Reupload 1 on 12/12/22 to fix a rogue note in Expert+. Thanks @swukpuff for pointing it out!
Reupload 2 also on 12/12/22 to fix a couple more things. Sorry!

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