Ado – USSEEWA (7_7 SS_snare_15 bootleg)

Difficulties Expert+
7 8

Mapper: brumbrum

More than half a year later I finally remapped and fixed this piece of garbage of a map. My original map of this was pretty bad and way too hard at the time I first mapped it so its been gathering dust ever since, but now its fixed and alot more playable.
In case its not obvious just from the maps bpm and nps, this is pretty hard, so expect alot of stamina from the drops 🙂
BPM: 480
Map Type: Challenge; vibro, little bits of tech
Not planning on trying to rank this for BSCC or CS but if it manages to get passes I migth try get it ranked for challenge.

Good luck nerds :]
(If there are any critical issues; dd’s or bad vision blocks etc, please inform me about it in discord – brubrum1muri#2932. Thank you.)

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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