Honks 9000 BPM Stamina Challenge

Difficulties Expert+
4 0
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Mapper: professor-honk

oh my goodness this is good, almost all vibros are 800 bpm with the exception of 2 songs
Up there with Doctor’s Ultimate Stamina v2
Medical Bills Not Paid By Mapper
Song List:
Toby Fox – Finale (760 Bpm)
Doin – Pine Nut (800 Bpm)
Remzcore – JI mapped this in like 1 hour 40 mins lol
800 BPM Vibro
Level Est:
BSCC: 28 – 29
CS: 28 – 30 w/ new ranking
Good Luck
Don’t dislike because you’re bad at this gameustice (800 Bpm)
Remzcore – Underrated (840 Bpm)
Level Est:
BSCC: 301 Very long 760 Bpm Vibro Hold and actually stamina draining fr
760 BPM Vibro / Stamina
Level Est:
BSCC: 28 – 30
CS: 29 – 30 w/ new ranking
Good Luck
Now please stop disliking because your bad at this game
Reupload #1 to fix BL servers from counting all scores “cheated”800 Bpm vibro holds
Lv est:
Bscc: 29
Cs: 30
Don’t cheese

Reupload to fix timing
CS: 30
Good Luck
Don’t dislike because you’re bad at this game

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