Stick To The Status Quo – High School Musical

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
176 30
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Mapper: ManDynasty

This song plays a bit special.
Highly recommended to play with lights.
Expert+ Gameplay:

Easy-difficulty is lightshow only.

Song by High School Musical Cast.
The song appeared in the first High School Musical movie.

Features (mostly accurate):
Single Saber action, when only one person is singing (in the color of the gender: blue:male, red:female).
Double Notes only when choir or (male and female) are singing.
Light dialogue when there is only speach (no singing) with blue:main speaker, red:side speaker.
♫Dont mess with the flow, no, no!♫ does actually mess with the flow, yo, yo!
Walls are prefectly dodgeable when in rhythm, though its still very hard and you could simply crouch them.

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Pattern Quality0
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