Niamara 1.2. Dance K-Pop

JONGHYUN – Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)

Difficulties Hard
4 0

Mapper: Niamara

맞아 너 좀 미친 것 같아! (Maja neo jom michin geot gata!)

A Beat Saber map for “Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)” by Jonghyun.

She’s making me crazy~
I’m so into you!

PS: This is the version of the song without Iron’s rap, that’s why it’s shorter.

PS²: Finished just in time for the release of the final puzzle piece to the SHINee Member Solo Album plagiarism case, that started with Jong’s “BASE”, after Taemin’s “ACE”, followed by Key’s “FACE” and Onew’s “VOICE” … now to be completed with Minho’s “CHASE”!

PS³: Also in time for the 6th anniversary of Jong’s “X-Inspiration” Concert! Yay! I also tried incorporating some moves he does in the MV and stage version in the map, since this song doesn’t have a choreo!

PS⁴: Listerine suit.


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