Emymap 1.5. Speed Speedcore

[420BPM] Diabarha – Dear Diary || CS Level 23

Difficulties Expert+
5 2

Mapper: Emymap

reup 1: had 2 terrible sections…
reup 2: much better
reup 3: fixed multiple wack parts including unintentional dds, meh transitions, and some vbs
reup 4: polished a lot of parts and fixed some oopsies
reup 5: better and easier
reup 6: minor timing fixes and some qol changes

prob lvl 22

“why” -Aquaflee
“looks linear…” -cerret
“looks like a fucking miitchel map” -unluckyL
“why does it become a jabob map in the middle” -Sync

good audio:
rename it to diary.egg and put it in le mop folder

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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