rwby!memories [BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Mega Mix]

Difficulties Expert+
502 36
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Mapper: Joetastic

A 21 minute Mega Mix of all team RWBY’s themes from the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle’s OST remix!

Gameplay Preview:


Songs featured in order are:
This Will Be The Day (RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack)
Red Like Roses Part 1 (RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack)
EP1 Score – Ruby Rose (RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack)
EP8 Score – Players And Pieces (RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack)
Red Like Roses Part 2 (RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack)
Mirror Mirror (RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack)
Mirror Mirror BBCTB Remix (BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle OST remix)
It’s My Turn (RWBY: Volume 3 Soundtrack)
This Life Is Mine (RWBY: Volume 4 Soundtrack)
From Shadows (RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack)
Like Morning Follows Night (RWBY: Volume 4 Soundtrack)
Armed And Ready (RWBY: Volume 4 Soundtrack)
Fall (RWBY: Volume 3 Soundtrack)
I Burn (RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack)
I Burn Remix (RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack)

3/1/2019: (I realized how fast this map is now, looks like the update broke the map’s speed. I’ll probably fix it someday with the sync issues too)

10/1/2019 EDIT: Changed NJS from 19 to 15, fixed a few sync issues here and there (especially red like roses, should be synced now. I hate syncing that song), fixed a few double directionals and minor block changes

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