Camellia – ∀NOMALY

Difficulties Expert+
93 25
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Mapper: A Jhintleman

[UPDATED] Fixed vision on 2 stack stream patterns in part of the last drop to not be so cluttered/unreadable, as they turned out to be major vibe-checks

Started this one probably over 6 months ago, then dropped it after mapping the first half. Eventually, I came back to it, updated/reworked it, and mapped the second part, then waited a month for GalaxyMaster to map part of the last drop because I had 0 ideas…However, I eventually came back to it after another mental mapping breakthrough, and was suddenly able to see it so clearly. I hope you enjoy my 19 hours of sweat as much as I enjoyed making it!
Might go for Beatleader rank.

Huge thanks to many testplayers such as: GalaxyMaster, GojiCrafter, Reddek, Touqai, Phthalo Green, and NOP_Triangle (I probably forgot a couple people who playtested it months ago)! I couldn’t have done it alone 🙂

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