Ne Obliviscaris – And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope

Difficulties Expert+
6 3

Mapper: PnfrlEnm

Well, here it is. My longest and largest map yet: 11 and a half minutes of 210~225 BPM streams. This map is very linear and not particularly fast, but it is long and unrelenting with only 3 noteless breaks longer than a second, clocking in at over 6400 notes and 9.3 NPS.
I would say pausing is cheating on a map like this where the whole point is endurance / slow long stamina, but I really can’t stop you (and I don’t wanna require that no pause mod cause mod requirements icky)
Map is autolit but I manually lit all the snare hits and tweaked a ton of other things. I recommend keeping the custom light colors on as this uses boost events that correspond with sections in the song (and just fit the song’s theme better), but that’s up to you.

ITG Stamina style measure breakdown, where jump sections are marked with J (each measure is 4 beats, or 16 notes in a stream)
(105) 24j 36 12j 24 12j 24 12j @210 (24) 40* (16) 8 @215 16 @220 (4) 32j 16 (16) @225 (12) 72 12j 24 12j @210 (32) @250
260 total stream measures, 116 total jump measures, 376 combined

Shoutout to @GalaxyMaster for playtest now the map is gooder thanks to you <3

not sorry about that hold at 8:57 btw :tf:
for rank! (at least on beatleader) :clueless:

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