Rklplol 1.1. Balanced 1.3. Fitness Dance Techno

[X-Fitbeat/Tech] Silentroom – META-morphose

Difficulties Expert Expert+
17 3
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Mapper: Rklplol

Balanced midspeed/fitbeat/tech map experiment gone wrong, it TRANS-formed into something completely different. MU-tate and become one with the map.

Huge kudos to:
The cutest cat [email protected]
Spooky [email protected]_C0de
Dwanali, Morgolf and Hitmewmusic from BOOMR’s stream
for trying out the map and before it went live, allowing to make balancing changes (sorry, I had to nerf it)

Map is auto-lit with Lolighter, based on Expert+ beatmap: https://github.com/Loloppe/Lolighter

Original track from album “In My Heart” by Silentroom: https://inmyheart.silentrm.net/

Want to complain about your hands and legs condition or share the experience you had with the map? [email protected] or Rklplol#6482

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