Wait 4 U – GOOPHOUSE (vol.5 side B)

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: dahdumbguy

probably my last map ever. Im done with everything. im done with discord im done with beatsaber. ive had enough

I began this map and even had a whole collab planned with binginator almost a year ago now. By the time I got to mapping the end of the song i already decided that it would be my last and honestly it was really hard to map on an emotional level. This song has really strong “saying goodbye to my old self” vibes as strike put it and i cant agree more.

as for the map itself, some funky tech and weird backhand crake addictions style jumps. I’ve never been able to play the map myself but from what ive seen it seems like a level 25+ tech map.
binginator did the vocal part thingy before the drop and the insanely cool jumps in the 2nd drop. I did the rest.
also huge shoutout to roadmanreignald and devonix for playtesting!! i already deleted beatsaber so it was really nice of them to record gameplay to show me how stuff looks ingame and let me make changes accordingly.

ill be back when I’m at a more mentally stable point in my life. not to beatsaber or mapping or the community but to discord in general. whether it be under a new alias or a new account, ill be back. promise me you guys will wait 4 me <3

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