Superstar – Moe Shop (115 Cut)

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: enralis

Wow! My first collab with me homies :owo:

Normal (Zoro): Challenge. Beware of this map
Hard (enralis): I’m a new mapper and it is kind of smelly. Also beware of this map you might clap
Expert (Zoro): Maybe the only diff that’s accable
Expert+ (Hyren): Hyroo

enralis: please enjoy this song, it’s a banger even though you’ll feel embarrassed pulling up to the grocery store blasting it :3
Zoro: beware of this map :BOOBA:
Hyren: Ignore timings they don’t matter
recursive: mapping is too hard :LuciferSmug:

RIP to recursive’s diff that never saw the light of day

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