Brennan Heart – Way Of Life [Backslash/Regular/Poodles]

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
108 10
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Mapper: realcoda

How to play this map:

Thanks to Mochichi for endlessly testing this dif and for recording a video on how to play this. And also for continuously pushing me to keep working on this 🙂
(she also streams on Twitch:

[For Backslash difficulty]
Backslash maps are maps that have dot notes on the oposite side of the track that you are supposed to hit by swinging your arm around your back. A little bit like a tennis trick-shot. This map has not only these kinds of notes in there, but also has backslash poodles. To my knowledge this is the first map to feature these. You hold the controller behind your back and slowly move your arm/wrist to follow the backslash poodle. See video for an example on how to play this dif. This also works on Quest 2. I use Q2 and I can get through the backslash poodles just fine.

[Poodle dif]
The poodle map has poodles. It’s my first real poodle map.

Just plain ol’ Beat Saber

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