gladde paling & lito – Turbo (Lito’s Doo Doo Fard Sh*tpost Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: Kapinek

i’m very glad to announce that i have made a gladde paling map after 3 weeks (or a month).

ANNNNNDDD i’m planning to map the newest gladde paling song…

Anyways i have made a gladde paling map that is rankable. On BL ofcourse. Otherwise it would be a to high BPM for jumps!
And Beatleader has a wayyyy higher bpm limit for jumps 🙂

This will go for ranked.

I think but i’m not sure but, i think this the first remixed gladde paling map LMAO

Anyways GLHF.


[GLADDE PALING FANCLUB – (Remix by @lito thank you for this great remix, should make more!)



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