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[Chroma + Cinema] DECO*27 – Salamander / サラマンダ- feat. Hatsune Miku (TAKU INOUE 3-Minutes Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
20 0
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I did chroma lighting and edited some nodes. wow lighting takes a lot of time.

Preview: Coming Soon (Probably)
Playtesters: Gemboyong, ARA ARA ENJOYER, Monstor
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Beastsaber Maps :

Contact : ARA ARA ENJOYER#6942
“Salamander feat. Hatsune Miku” [Original Music Video]

Lyrics & Music: DECO*27

Movie by OTOIRO
Director / Logo Designer: GA
Illustrator / Character Designer: kee
Special Thanks: lowpolydog

Original Music Video Credit
Art Director: DMYM
Movie Director: NNNuventus
Character Designer: No.734
Illustrator: HASSAN

Project Manager: Iori Majima
Sound Product Manager: Yusuke Sato

Duration: 3:02
BPM: 172

NJS: 20
Offset: -0.28
Half Jump Duration: 1.72
Jump Distance: 24

Total NPS: 5.09
Mapped NPS: 5.23
Peak NPS:
16 beats: 8.06
8 beats: 8.96
4 beats: 10.75

Notes: 930
Bombs: 50
Walls: 22
Lighting: 10800

Red/Blue Ratio: 0.98
Top Notes: 25%
Middle Notes: 21%
Bottom Notes: 55%

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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