Dance Gavin Dance – Cream of the Crop

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Mapper: symphonic

“When it gets heavy you can bail out, regather
Take a beat and come back steadier than ever!”

Back in March 2022, before I started mapping or lighting, @Bytrius posted a map that I requested from them, Dance Gavin Dance’s song “Strawberry’s Wake.” The map turned out fantastic, and was even used in the 2022 Beat Saber World Cup Finals. You can download that map here – I highly recommend playing it if you haven’t already:

This map is my sort of tribute and thanks to them; I probably would have never gotten into mapping or lighting if I wasn’t inspired by their maps, nor if I hadn’t been told by them and others to give it a shot. Cut to now, and I’ve recently become a curator alongside Byte, which is a bit surreal if I’m being honest; I did not expect to have risen so far in this community so quickly. I am truly very thankful for Byte and the rest of the mapping community for accepting me so warmly, and I am excited to be doing lots more in the future with them. You may see my name in quite a few upcoming featured map packs, so be ready for more stuff from me!

Speaking of thanking, Thanksgiving is coming up this week, and the title of this song kinda fits in that theme, I guess! It does sound a lot like creamed corn…

A bit about the map, this song is a “BIG BANGER” as Jon Mess rightly proclaims in the ending section, and I think the map really does personify that sentiment. The colors of the notes and lights are based off of the (very vibrant and colorful) album cover. This is in the Linkin Park environment as well, so the lights could get a bit strobe-y, so fair warning for that.

A huge thanks again to @Bytrius, as well as @swukpuff, for testplaying and giving feedback on this map. Y’all are fantastic at giving advice <3

Gameplay video (Expert+ difficulty) by yours truly:

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