DM DOKURO – Roar of the Jungle Dragon

Difficulties Expert+
29 3
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Mapper: VGN_Julien

The air is getting warmer around you…
Lightning by lolighter
Apparently there’s a Forehand parity error yikes
Quote start
“Forehand (right side, top row) at beat 123.375:
Parity break, reset is necessary in 0.125 beats”
No the fuck it isn’t

Please check out DM DOKURO’S calamity stuff and his original stuff too, here’s the link to roar of the jungle dragon


Drop 1:
The enemy ascended beyond your control
Or was that all your intention?
They have managed to demolish whatever we made
But you’re failing to comprehend
If they can, they will easily butcher you whole
While you’re blinded by your depression
I have gotten to the point where I’m just too afraid
That you’re going to meet your end
My screams echo out through the fire
And your rival dares stand in my way
Yes, this is a hardship most dire
And one day, you will heed what I say
—————–Drop 2————————
This is my message to my master
This is a fight you cannot win
I think that past your great disasters
Their victory stirs below your skin
If you proceed, I will not blame you
I will move forth and win your war
But if I should die before you continue
You shall have heard my final dying roar

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