[Fitbeat Poodles] Major Lazer – Believer

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
227 27
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Mapper: irahi

WARNING: Long, very slow swings ahead! Squats ahead! Minor amounts of technical bloqs ahead!

Long boi bloqs in every difficulty, you can expect extended swings across the entire play field (and a little further in Expert+) Think of them like very slow chains or sliders that feel like you always wished a slider felt. If you aren’t sure what a poodle is, please watch this playthrough to get an idea of what they look like.

Part of the upcoming Major Lazer Fitness map pack!

Testing by :
Brownie https://www.twitch.tv/brownies_vr

Please send any feedback to me on Discord – Irahi#9072

Map stats, SPS = Swings per second
Expert+ – 30 squats (10/minute) – 3.8 SPS
Expert – 24 squats (8/minute) – 3.2 SPS
Hard – 22 squats (7.3/minute) – 2.8 SPS

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