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Koto – Clozee

Difficulties Expert
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Best played with katana custom saber.

This game is incredible at making you feel like someone else. Sometimes you'll be a drummer, sometimes you'll be a backup dancer, most of the times you feel like a bird, wildly flailing your arms trying to take off... Well, this song makes you feel like a samurai training on his kata.

The flow is really good and it's a really good map to train on your "drum rolls" (I need a better term for that up down motion). The BPM is quite low so you have all the time in the world to get good timing. Actually the first time I played it I had a hard time getting the timing right since it's so slow!

My main concern is how repetitive the song is, with almost no variation in the patterns. There's only one variation on the very last pattern which is almost my favorite part of the song! A bit of a shame. Still a good track.

Mapper: Purphoros

Here it is finally, Koto – Clozee from LIV’s announcement featuring their depth camera so you don’t have to have a green screen! https://twitter.com/LIV/status/1001490921295417345

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