Marnik – Up & Down [REMASTERED]

Difficulties Expert+
1672 33
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Mapper: SuperMemer417

We did it. After two years , Me and @TheGoodBoi took one of the biggest Beat Saber modcharts of all time, and remastered it. This was an amazing project to collaborate on, and I’m so happy we did this. Thank you @TheGoodBoi .

Some words from @TheGoodBoi:

“After two years of a trash modchart being overrated to hell, a remaster has been made!

Thank you to Phøenix and Mawntee for testing, and thanks SuperMemer for the collab!”



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Comments (2)
  1. Pituro2010 says:

    How to download? I still didn’t get it. How to download it? on oculus

    1. Tristen says:

      If You Go To The “all Songs” Section On BeatSaber Oculus, Search Up The Name Of This Map And Click Download. Hope It Helped 🙂 (not replying back if somebody asks me a question)

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