[Fitbeat] Eiffel 65 – Move Your Body

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: daftmaple


Finally, my childhood song from Eiffel 65 (the Blue da ba dee band) is mapped into a fitbeat! Hope that it… moves your body (ha ha ha please don’t downvote for the bad joke)

Took longer than expected because downmapping was hard and haven’t done fitbeat mapping for a while. Expert diff is close in difficulties to Expert+ apart from more intense fitbeat part and less-techier angles. Expert+ diff with those funny palmups inspired by Intensify #2ae01 (Obama medal meme) and wrist-roll squat If you can’t handle them, it’s your skill issues and I’m sorry 💀.

Bonus lawless:
– Expert+ slot, was Expert+ standard with all the VBs and sharper angles.
– Expert slot as the original version of Expert+ (with lesser pepega angles).

Reup’d because of weird vb I noticed when people were playing it, moved it to expert+ lawless.

Special thanks to @Alice, @namaki_mono, and Tastum for playtest and feedback!

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