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Experience Map: Biking on a busy road while listening to Imagine Dragons on Spotify

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Mapper: studentmaplete

Come one, come all, and rejoice at the arrival of my second experience map! This is a follow-up to the original skiing experience, and comes with three difficulties with ranging degrees of immersion. More details on each difficulty can be found below. I hope you all have a blast experiencing my latest cycling simulator!

Easy – This is a simple standard acc map of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, with sounds of passing cars played overtop. These vehicles do drown out the music of course, in order to represent a similar effect occurring while biking on a busy road.

Normal – This difficulty includes identical mapping to the easy version, however the distraction of passing cars is implemented into the mapping itself; with each passing car in the audio file, I inserted a large wall overlapping the notes to illustrate their distracting and intrusive nature.

Hard – This difficulty takes immersion to the next level. Rather than playing a map in time with the song, this difficulty contains only up and down notes on the right side of the play space, with the same walls from the normal difficulty representing passing vehicles overlayed onto the song. Tape or tie your controllers to your feet, and pedal in your chair or stationary bike along with the notes to truly experience my biking simulator to the fullest extent!

Additional details are provided at the start of the audio track, however no obstacles or notes were added for the sake of those who prefer to use intro skip.
Finally, big thank you to Thermo, cfelton02, and Pinkwascool for reasonably attempting to dissuade me. Unfortunately their efforts were in vain LUL
Edit: Modified a section containing unrealistic expectations for the pedaling speed of a human being

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