Dance Gavin Dance – Have A Great Life

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Mapper: Nolanimations

ok guys time for some epic nolanimations lore,

so I initially started mapping these songs right after my ex-girlfriend and I drifted apart almost half a year ago now due to her moving away, and I was heartbroken. I might not have shown it, but I was Coming apart at the seams. I thought that mapping away would help me Fill the hole in my heart, but all it did was make things worse for myself. But I’m no quitter. After months I feel like I have sealed my heart back in one piece, and I revisited these maps, and finished them, essentially symbolising my overcoming of heartbreak. This was a very emotional rollercoaster for me, so I hope you all like what has come out of it.

I’ll go have a great life, and I know she will too. (4/4)

PS: the aggresive lyrics in these songs are not representative of how I feel about the breakup lmao, these maps are purely symbolic, although some lyrics do fit when taken out of the context of the song, so I used them to indicate my stages of heartbreak.

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