Wasted Penguinz – FML

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Mapper: realcoda

“Sometimes it feels like I have reached my mental breaking point
I’m on the verge of crying how am I supposed to cope
I’m still searching for that missing part to fill the void
But I don’t know if that is even within my control
People keep telling me how proud they are of my success
While I’m just standing there sure it’s cool I’m still depressed
I just feel pain, going insane feels like I’m barely here
Want to go back and find myself to feel alive again”

Wanted to map this song for a long time, but it was too long. I’ve cut it from 5 minutes to roughly 3 minutes.
The song means a lot to me. Hope you enjoy! Please give Wasted Penguinz a listen if you haven’t heard of them. Amazing artist.

The lights are V2 vanilla lights.

Wasted Penguinz: https://www.wastedpenguinz.com/
On Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1Ok5WQlGEnuFOiUlpCKcVT

“I wanna scream out loud
Nothing’s what it used to be
There’s a war inside my mind
But I’m not the enemy”

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