Mapper: fainted

This is the beginning of my departure from the Beat Saber Community.

If you are reading this, Hello. You most likely don’t know me or may have heard of me through my friends streams and what not. I just wanted to write a lil something that will give my appreciation to the game and my friends. I have been playing the game consistently for 4 years now and haven’t had much motivation since July of 2021. I had stayed in the loop because of my friends (Soper, Tranch, Ryan, etc..) but have started to fade not really feeling connected through the game that brought us together. I enjoyed casually playing but the expectation a decent of my friends had of me started to get to my head. I recently stopped play cause I found myself just barried in my school work and friends and saw that Beat Saber was the cause for my uneasiness and stress.

Starting today I will make around 4-10 more maps on this account and once the 19 map has been posted I will leave the community entirely (unless I somehow become god tier at mapping)

Thank You everyone that plays my maps, I very much appreciate it.

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