Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero

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Mapper: symphonic

My wife has been playing Taylor Swift’s new album on repeat for the past week or so, and naturally, this song was stuck in my head as a result. This map is more balanced and simpler than most of my previous maps, so hopefully this full spread will be accessible to everyone. This is definitely the most mainstream pop song I’ve done so far; I’m not sure I’m going to be tackling any chart-toppers again any time soon, but I suppose time will tell.

I originally did this lightshow in the Default environment, but it actually looked better in the Nice environment, so that’s what this is set to now. The color scheme of the lights, blocks, and walls are based off of the color scheme of Taylor’s latest vinyl records and merchandise, coinciding with the branding of the new album.

Special thanks to @swukpuff, as well as my wife, for testplaying this map!

Gameplay video (Expert+) by DroneMaster24:

Updated on 11/14/22 to change a couple angles and timings as well as to adjust the NJS/JD of the difficulties. Thank you to @CookedChili for the feedback!

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