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All Time Low (BOXINLION Remix)

Difficulties Hard Expert
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I've been going through my song library recently and found some of DownyCat's older map and decided to play through it. I am glad that that mapping scene has come a long way since the beginning. Normally, I would have been happy to see a DownyCat map since it has never really given me any trouble, and for the most part of this chart, it was decent!

Then came the face notes. On top of that, at 1.46, it had 2 bombs directly behind the wall where you can't see unless you had transparent walls turned on. That was a poor choice of bomb placement since players wouldn't even know what went wrong unless they were playing with transparent walls on.

Overall, given that the map is a bit dated, the mapping faux pas can be forgiven, somewhat. It is still enjoyable overall once you get used to it and know what to look out for.

Mapper: DownyCat

All Time Low (BOXINLION Remix)
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