[Modchart] Said The Sky, The Maine – Go On Then, Love (ODEA Remix)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
98 5
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Mapper: ObaMart

This chart has been lying on the shelf for a long time, but I finally got some inspiration for it. I loved making Over Again, and I still love the map, but it was nothing special. It was just another modchart, and I was happy with that. But this is completely different, and I think I love it more.
I really hope you enjoy playing it.

Expert+, “Cause you are enough as you are” is the original map how I made it. It has heavy player animations, so if you’re prone to motion sickness, you might want to play the Expert difficulty
Expert, “Show me your heart” is the same map, but without the player animations.

If you can, please play the Expert+ difficulty. I personally love the experience and I’d love for everyone else to have had it. To play this map, you will need Chroma and Noodle Extensions.

Made with ReMapper by @Swifter
Big thanks to the testplayers: ramenator05, LemonadeVR, IntoTheAbyss, Vülcano and Falcormoor


by TheCzar1994

Please DM or @ me if you have feedback, discord: obamart

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