Ascension to Heaven – miitchel Remake

Difficulties Expert+
1239 241
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Mapper: miitchel

Finally, a remake of Ascension to Heaven!

Wanna do a big shoutout to ?????? for checking if this map is rankable, had to change some things cuz you know, It’s a miitchel map, overmapped… 🙂
Second shoutout goes to ?????????? for the sick lighting, he put almost 8 hours into the lighting!
And last but not least, shoutout to all of the streamers who tested my map like ???????????, ?????????_????, ???????, ????, ??? ??? ??????! I couldn’t test it myself because my Rift is broken, so without all these people I wouldn’t know if it was playable and enjoyable. I have probably forgotten some of the players/streamers but I still love you 🙂

???? ??? ????? ???? ?????? ?? ????????? ?? ??????!

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