[Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Pack][Fitbeat] Diego Cichy Don – Juss Wine (P.A.F.F Remix)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
355 21
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Mapper: Scarladore

*Juss wine… juss wine… Come, move up your body and wine*

Part of the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Pack: https://beatsaver.com/playlists/9783

Expert+ includes techy leans, squats, bombs, dodge walls, and giant swings. Expert and hard are similar in style to the Expert+ but with easier bloqs, walls, and angles.

Chroma lights by @tocxx
Lawless diff ‘Goji’s Shot Glass’ by @GojiCrafter includes extreme tech leans.
My lawless diff ‘Scarla’s Dive Bar’ is similar to standard Ex+ but with more tech and lower squats.

Fitbeat Lawless Preview:

Standard Map stats:
Ex+ | 5.2 NPS | 19 squats/minute (~60 total)
Ex | 4.1NPS | 19 squats/minute (~60 total)
H | 3.7 NPS | 9 squats/minute (~30 total)

Lawless Map stats:
Goji’s Shot Glass | 4.6 NPS | no squats
Scarla’s Dive Bar | 5.2 NPS | 19 squats/minute (~60 total)

Thanks to these playtesters for helping me polish it up! (Please yell at me if I forgot to add you)
Tastum ttv@Tastum

Feel free to send any feedback to me on Discord – Scarladore#9351

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