HOFNutCollector 1.1. Balanced Electronic

Laur – Venomous Virus

Difficulties Expert+
25 1
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Mapper: HOFNutCollector

Reupload # 1 Fixed some very awkward bottom row streams around the 3:45 mark and some staircase patterns.

2/15 of the album is finished! Noisy Parade is next! (My first true speed map???) After that maybe Mellifluous or Another Me!

Holy fuck this map. YOUR STAMINA WILL CRY!!! I can’t even pass it it’s so tiring. It’s also my first time making something like this so I understand if it’s shit and will accept a downvote. It’s literally almost the same patterns since I got bored and wanted to rush it. You’ll see it in the map. A lotta staircase patterns and bottom row streams. There also might be some errors I couldn’t see so there’s that too.

Star Estimate 8.5 – 10.2

Feedback to Baby_Pluto#3419

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