Kapinek 1.2. Dance 1.5. Speed

zeke didnt “invent dariacore” i did – coltrane

Difficulties Expert+
1 0

Mapper: Kapinek

haha found a dd

This map won’t get ranked probably
1. I’m tooo laaazzzzyyyy!
2. I don’t really have the energy for it.
3. I am generally too unpatient for it to get ranked.
4. Modder are strict (i can do without but modders inspect the map strictly for any misstimed or any error that has to get fixed).
5. I don’t really want to!
6. (The most important one!) IT DOESN’T HAVE FUCKING LIGHTS!!!!!111!!

I like this map. I had a even worse map of this song that was horrible.
I saw a recent map that got ranked on BL.
I had in mind earlier to remap it again but i was too lazy to actually do some work.
Finally when i saw the ranked map i wanted to remap this map

Tadaa! Here it is, more playable than ever!


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