Gareth Coker – Mora the Spider [Chroma]

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Mapper: ben208

On the 3rd of May, exactly 6 months ago, I began working on my first ever beat saber map Mora the Spider. Little did I know what a journey this decision would take me on. 6 months later, I’ve decided to return to the song to see how I’ve improved and give the song the proper mapping it deserves.

Thank you to everyone who has played and supported my maps so far. I put a lot of effort into these so I appreciate it.

A special thank you to @DieFettePizza and @Vysus (formerly Schockrim)



Re-upload on Nov 7 for Ex+ hammer hit and minor lighting mistake. Thank you @symphonic for the curated status!


Ex has the same speed as Ex+, however the patterns are made easier.






this took 13 hours plz send help

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