HOFNutCollector 1.1. Balanced 1.5. Speed Electronic Hardcore Metal

Laur – Lash Out

Difficulties Expert+
40 6
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Mapper: HOFNutCollector


You have to reset at the bombs in the first drop. Please don’t wrist roll or u hit scary circle

1/15 of the album finished! Venomous Virus or Noisy Parade is next! (I can鈥檛 choose)

Best song from the album!

tried something different with this. Still a bomb reset map. Did big inverts but not sure if they’re good or not. Also tried 21 njs to see how it would go. Ending was so fucking weird to map.

not playtested (Played it. I like it) 馃檪

Star Estimate: 8-10

Finished in 4 hours (new record yayyy)

How tf did dangerous jungle (extended) get mapped a day early???????

feedback to Baby_Pluto#3419

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