Demon Hunter – Lesser Gods

Difficulties Expert Expert+
33 1
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Mapper: MrKingfisher

1 year later…… after i made it. kinda dislike it but perhaps its just me?
expert+ is more teccy and has 1handers i bet some1 with wrist injury wont like this map at all
if u have any feedback please do so »Mr.Kingfisher«#3447 🙂
thank u Morichalion for playtest of Expert diff

Subgenres: “it has many but how”
alternative metal, christian alternative rock, christian metal, christian metalcore, christian rock, melodic metalcore, nu metal

a few spots has bugged lights…..
04-11-2022 14:30 CEST patch:
– slightly nerfed expert and a bit more playable now
– slightly buffed expert+

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