[Interstellar] Hans Zimmer – S.T.A.Y. (The R3belz Bootleg)

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Mapper: Rklplol

It’s been precisely 8 years, since one of the most prolific science fiction movies was premiered.
Here’s my small contribution to commemorate the occasion!

As a bonus, this map is my first successful attempt at making a map with Noodle Extensions.
Don’t worry, if you don’t have it: difficulty “S.T.A.Y.” is fully vanilla!

With that said, I hope, you’ll enjoy the adventure with this jammer!

Big thanks to Aeroluna, StormPacer and Jevk for providing tools and knowledge that made the learning process smooth!
While only I playtested the map, thanks to Catse and PixiL to tune on my streams and give a couple of suggestions!
And as always, thanks to you, for trying out the map! ^_^

The R3belz hasn’t published major releases in a couple of years, but some tracks from the past shaped my love with hardstyle, so you want to check his tracks if you want to grasp the history.

Hans Zimmer is…Hans Zimmer!

P.S. 2 maps in a day’s span? Impossible!

Hope, you liked my experiment, but if you have questions or feedback, you can find me on https://twitch.tv/Rklplol or Rklplol#6482 on Discord.

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