[Halloween] The Vision & Omegatypez – Darkest Hour

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
34 11

Mapper: Rklplol

Main rules of this map:
1) The further you go, the harder it becomes.
2) The higher the difficulty, the harder patterns are being used.
3) Trust the parity.
Warning: Lawless Expert+ has a section where you need to cross your hands in order to hit notes.

Intended as a map for Halloween, also happens to be released on the day that has the darkest night.
Enjoy this jammer with fullspread map.

Thanks to Omegatypez and The Vision for making last 10 years brighter.
Thanks to Sp00ky_C0de and Catse for trying the heck out of the map 🙂
And thanks to you, for playing it^_^

Lighting is made with Loloppe’s Lolighter tool, based on Standard Expert+.

Guys from Omegatypez parted ways and one of them became Faizar, check out their tracks, you won’t be disappointed.
The Vision haven’t released tracks in ages.

Want to interrogate me? Have any criticism towards the map? Find me at https://twitch.tv/Rklplol or Rklplol#6482

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