HOFNutCollector 1.1. Balanced 1.4. Tech Electronic Hardcore

DJ Myosuke – Megaton Kaiser

Difficulties Expert Expert+
13 2
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Mapper: HOFNutCollector

Re up #1 Changelog: Made notes in the first drop wrist rollable. Changed some tech patterns that were very weird when i played it to something more simple and basic. Lastly made some of the sliders near the end slightly more easier to read/hit. Thanks LittleMaiden for the feedback!

I kind of like bomb resets. Just a little…

Mid speed with a small amount of tech in certain areas. A lot of insanely simple bomb resets and a crouch wall. The ending is also pretty overmapped. Understandable if you downvote this.

Star estimate: 8-10.5

Special announcement!
I will be mapping LAUR’S ENTIRE UPCOMING ALBUM MEMORIA!!! This will take some time so I can try and give it justice so i hope you enjoy this map in the meantime.

feedback to Baby_Pluto#3419

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