Mapper: Avexus

finally a new map, haven’t been terribly inspired mapping wise and have been working on other projects srry
i made an ex diff for this but didn’t like it soo uhhh i’ll fix it up if i see there’s any reason to continue working on this one.

if you didnt know this is from the same album as Overkill and The Mob (Dogma Resistance), so if you wanna stay faithful to the LP you can play this, Nolanimation’s “The Mob” and one of the other billion Overkill maps.

has a bit of tech, can’t put speed, balanced and tech all on the same map but that’s what this has. don’t hit the bombs lol

star estimate: 10* beatleader probably. not sure if it’s my hardest map but it gets pretty close, but i have an even harder map in the works.


manually lit the speed drop
thanks to @jerkthehuman, @recursive and pigface (weffel) for playtests

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