DieFettePizza 1.2. Dance 1.5. Speed Electronic Video Game

[Chroma] Yogscast – Moonquest (An Epic Journey)

Difficulties Expert
10 2

Mapper: DieFettePizza

O boy, another map. Chronologically, this is my second map, but i’ll have it as my third map.

Contains some Chroma and a bit of NoodleExtensions.

I love the Nostalgia this song gives.

Time worked: 17 Hours.
I used this song to basically learn more about mapping. Thanks to the feedback provided from @ben208 the map got lifted up. Literally. At one point, I thought the map was “done” but it was boring to play, because almost every note was located at the bottom. After a long change it got that problem fixed.

Now im at a point, where im done with this map and I just want to move on.
With more experience under the hood, i will continue my journey with mapping.

Feedback is always appreciated!
DieFettePizza #0321

PS: I bought the song instead of ripping it off on Youtube or Soundcloud.

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