harbgy 1.2. Dance

Morimori Atsushi vs. uma – Arche (long ver.) [DANCE MAP EXTREME+++++]

Difficulties Expert Expert+
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Mapper: harbgy

my 100th MAP!!!!

in like 2019 september or so i mapped the short ver of arche, was like my 3rd proper map or some shit, never released it but i wanted it to get ranked at the time (obviously didn’t happen). That map is the expert of this map!!! It’s an amazing map and i wish i ranked it!!!! (the first like 20 seconds are new i tried to match my old map) the 2nd half is also unmapped, since i originally mapped the short ver.

after almost THREE years of sitting in my wips you can all play this peak dance mapping . . .

also expert plus is a new map with some hand switch gallops and stuff so it’s pretty cool i guess (also lots of windows as a call back to the original!!!)

j j j jj JOE

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